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Sheet Metal thickness and radius issues

Question asked by Evan Dlugopolski on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2014 by Tyler Hamm

Hello all,


I've been having some issues with the new multibody sheetmetal feature in solidworks since  v2013 came out.  Now solidworks has a sheetmetal folder which contains the sheetmetal feature for all sheetmetal bodies (see attachment [1]).  When I create a base flange it defaults to whatever I entered last for radius and thickness.  The issue is if I later want to change the T and R, i have to go to the sheetmetal feature for the specific body within the sheetmetal folder (see attachment [1]).  Editing the sheet metal folder feature doesnt change the parts that are made, it only sets a default for every sheet metal body that is made after that.  Notice in attachment [2] that here it says the T and R are .5 when they are .25 in the model and in the sheetmetal(1) feature (attachment [3]). I never draw multibody sheetmetal models to begin with so its a little annoying that I have to drop down the folder every time to edit the T and R. The real issue is that our laser and break press program is using the folder feature's information, not the body setting thats are driving my model (attachment [3]). 


My question here is if anyone has any insight or shared frustrashions related to the way the sheet metal features are set up. Maybe somebody has some techniques that can help eliminate some of the work and error involved with having two places to enter info.  Some of the ideas I tossed around are using templates or macros somehow deal with this, but i havnt gotten a chance to try anyting out.  Any and all information related to this topic is welcome.


Thanks everyone,