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    hide dimensions while editing a sketch

    Todd McCollum

      I have a sketch that needs mirroring, patterns and such added to it.  I have the initial goodies fully defined so it is loaded with dimensions and relations.  I can get the relations to not show but I can not get the dimensions to not show while I finish my editing.  I even have the Graphics Area settings such that the dims are not shown but there is only a 3-D dim option and not a 2-D dim option (all my dims are 2-D).  I am in 2012 version.  Please don't tell me SW will not do this.

      - How do I get the dims to not show???  I found no prior postings addressing this.


      Thanks - Todd

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          J. Mather

          Todd McCollum wrote:


          I have a sketch .... so it is loaded with dimensions and relations.

          I recommend creating multiple simple sketches rather than complex sketches.

          I recommend mirror or pattern of features rather than sketch entities.

          Perhaps neither of the recommendations are relevant to your problem.

          Can you attach the *.sldprt file here?

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              Todd McCollum

              The goal is to use the sketch in a WRAP feature then use it as a path for a Swept Cut feature (basically mimicking a machine tool path).  This has to be done seven times for one part that has several circular chambers that get machined out (each one being different).  As a result, it is never an actual feature (body or part) that you can use the Feature Pattern command on as a second step.  The wrap feature  requires a fully closed sketch.  I have a part file that I can attach but not sure how to do that.  Per this here dialogue box, it has Insert Image, Insert Video, Insert Link - I don't find an ATTACH FILE option.  Ya - I am new at this posting thing.



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              Glenn Schroeder

              I'll respectfully disagree with J. about mirroring sketch elements since I have good luck with that and use it often, but I agree wholeheartedly about linear patterning sketch elements.  I haven't done that in years.  Patterning features or bodies works much better, is more stable, and much easier to edit.


              As far as answering your question directly, I'm not aware of any way to hide individual sketch dimensions in a model.  In my opinion if a sketch is so complex that you need to hide some of them it's too complex.

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                Erik Bilello



                The first thing I thought when I read your post was "Sounds like you need to make your sketches less complicated."  If you have so many dimensions that they get in the way, you probably have too many dimensions, and therefore for much going on in one sketch for "good practice".  So I'll agree with J. on that.

                As to the mirror pattern debate.  Mirroring sketches has always worked pretty well for me.  Patterning in an already complicated sketch sounds a little iffy.

                And to your original question, I have never come across a way to hide the dim's while working in a sketch either.

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                  Todd McCollum

                  I agree with all of your comments about complexity and basicly to keep it simple.  Here is the hang-up.  First, you have to be familiar with the WRAP feature.  This is used to wrap a sketch around a cylinder (body or surface).  It requires the sketch to be a single fully closed sketch to work.  It can not use multiple sketches.  Hence my sketch becomes sort of complex since it all has to be done at once.  It also messes up the ability to use a sketch driven pattern for my instance since you have to enter a hard number value for the X value.  Well, my X value is 1/3 of the circumferance of my cylinder.  This is 1/3 x DIA. x PI.  But hey, SW will not let you use links to dimensions or global variables to enter the value in the X entry value.  Not using PI (pie) for the X value makes the value a close estimate instead of the true value and results in a messed up wrap that does not work.  My WRAP ends up being a SCRIBE which then can be used to define the tool path (SWEPT CUT) to create my part.


                  Check out my recent post here for a visual of step one of a seven step process that need to be done on a single part.




                  It seems as though the "hide dims in a sketch" is a definate "not going to happen" answer.  Damn - that stinks.  Hell, you can hide the relations - why not the dims...  Go figure...


                  Thanks guys.