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Export sketches as separate layers in DXF file

Question asked by Mike Simonetta on Feb 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2019 by Andrew Spare

Hi everyone,


I'm relatively new to SolidWorks and a new member to this forum but I was looking for a solution to a problem I am to solve at my company:


We use an Eastman Autocutter that cuts out the fabric used for the assembly of Shipping Dock Shelters (Side pads and head pead that border shipping doors) - we have begun to use Solidworks because we have hundreds of .dxf files made in AutoCAD for the different shapes and sizes but we would like to create a few "Master Drawings" that we can adjust dynamically using Solidworks Global Variables and Equations. All this is working well however I have created 2 seperate sketches on top of one another (1 sketch for the cut lines for our Autocutter and another sketch for the pen lines that the autocutter will mark up) and when I export the part as a DXF everything is combined into 1 single layer (0). What we need to have is the dxf file to have a seperate layer for each sketch so that the AutoCutter can work it's magic accordingly!


Is this possible to do with SolidWorks? If so how do I achieve this perhaps I am not approaching the problem correctly as I am not a SolidWorks guru yet.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!