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Simple milling feature is hard to define

Question asked by Bryn Wolfe on Feb 10, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by Bryn Wolfe

I would like to create a feature that seems simple enough from a machining perspective but I can't figure out how to model it in SW. I want to create a radial slot in the surface of a cylinder wall. To machine this feature, I would mount the cylinder on the 4th axis so the end mill is aligned with the radius of the cylindar. The cut would start with plunging the end mill through the cylinder wall and then rotating the cylinder about its axis while moving the end mill axially to create a pattern. This is sort of like creating threads with a lathe but this feature goes less than a full rotation around the cylinder and the relationship between the cutting tool and the rotation of the cylinder is not linear (like a thread).


I hope my description helps visualize what I'm trying to do. In solidworks As a simple first pass I've tried creating an extruded cut through the cylinder wall and then doing a sweep cut along a circular arc defined on a plane that is normal to the cylinder axis, but Solidowrks doesn't recognize the extruded cut as a valid "profile".


Any suggestions?