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How do I display a sketched dimension in a drawing?

Question asked by Nathan Rollins on Feb 10, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2014 by Scott McFadden

Hello fellow SolidWorkers.


I have spent far too long looking for the answer to this and I still feel awkward posting it as a new discussion.  It seems like a very easy and staight forward thing...   Why can I not find it?


Anyway, here is my issue:


I have an assembly with some sketches at the end that are meant to report some angles that are resulting from the way a component is assembled.  In the sketch the lines are related to the component's geometry and driven dimensions are created to show the angle value.  I simply want to show those driven dimensions on a drawing.


I read a bit about "Mark Dimensions for Drawing" but I cannot seem to find instructions on how to do that and what it actually is good for...  I RMB on the dimension and do not ever see "mark for drawing" - I looked for the option "Show Dimension" as I was lamely instructed to do in S-061264 - I did not find that option.


I really feel like I did my homework before asking you all. 


Any hints?


Thanks a lot.