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newbie: How to keep dimensions in sketch when drawing is printed?

Question asked by Steve Nerghrt on Feb 9, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2014 by Deepak Gupta

This is my first day using solidworks, and for the last hr I have no been able to figure how this simple problem.

I make a drawing, add dimensions to it. On the screen I see the dimensions there, but when I do print preview,

or save the drawing as JPG, then only the lines show up. No dimensions.


This is what I do: Create new PART. Select TOP PLANE.

Then Ckick on skitch. Draw 2 lines connected. Then click on smart

dimensioning, and add an angle dimension between the 2 lines.

All works well. I see on the screen the angle value there and the arrows fine.

I save the drawing. Now I do print preview, or save as to JPG, but the dimensions do not show up.

They only show up on the screen when I am in sketch.  How to keep the dimensions in there?


Also, is there way to save as PNG? I only see save as JPG for images.


One final small question: How do I get rid of the green markers that show up each time when

I add a dimension (right next to the values). They are little square shaped green markers that

just stay there, I do not want them since they make it hard to see the values of the dimensions.


Any recommendations for a very simple tutorial or a book for someone who never used this software before?

All the tutorials I saw are too advanced.


thank you