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Cosmos Basics

Discussion created by Charles Heidenreich on Jan 18, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2007 by SolidWorks Corp

We have Cosmos Express and are using the package to verify theplate will be able to retain 3 pressurized sample valves. The sample valves will have a fairly continuous 166 lbs of forcebehind each one of them or 500 lbs total. There will be 3 316 10-32stainless FHCS fastening the plate to the manifold.

I've run cosmos on the plate, attached, in u-shape and flat formwith mixed results. What I don't understand is that even thoughunder the load options I have lbs force selected cosmos spits theresults out in pressure. How can I get cosmos to display if theforce I entered is going to deform the plate or not?

Also, what does the 'Deformation Scale' number equate to?

Obviously I'm green in FEM, FOS and Cosmos, so, any help ordirection is appreciated!