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What would happen if we...

Question asked by Jody Stiles Employee on Feb 9, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by Glenn Schroeder

...hid the underlying location and profile sketches for Hole Wizard features?


Currently, Hole Wizard features have two underlying sketches that we create when you finish the feature.  One defines the locations (sketch points) you created on the Positions tab and the other defines the profile we use to create the hole or slot.  Since the profile and locations are defined inside of the feature itself a is there a need to have these two sketches available for editing?


Hole Wizard FeatureManager Details

HW FM Details.png


Hole Wizard Positions Tab layout sketch

HW Postions Tab.png


Hole Wizard Location Sketch

HW Location Sketch.png


Hole Wizard Profile Sketch

HW Profile Sketch.png


Hole Wizard feature double-clicked for editing

HW Feature Double-clicked.png


Would there be a problem if we hid them entirely?


Would there be a problem if we showed them but made them non-editable?


Let's assume that we continue to display the relevant dimensions when the feature is double clicked in the FeatureManager or the graphics area.  Would that be sufficient for information and configuration purposes?


If you do edit the location or profile sketches; Why do you edit them?


Thanks for taking the time to read this and keeping the discussion related to the topic at hand.


- Jody