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    FEA simulation repeating solving contact constraints

    Thomas Troester

      I am running FEA simulation and the solving ribbon gage runs slow while the current task gage is solving contact constraints and other tasks. After 4 hr. the top solving ribbon gage reached 100%. Then the current task gage stared over solving contact constraints and it has been running for an additional 17 hr. and has only reached 28% and still counting while the main solving ribbon gage still is reading 100%. Do I cancel and and waste over a day or keep it running? What is going on?

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          J. Mather

          Cancel the simulation.


          I'll wager that you have set it up with far more complexity than needed. 

          Can you post screen shot?


          You might investigate a cloud-based solution if for some rare reason you need extreme complexity in the analysis that cannot be simplified enough to run in a reasonable time yet still return appropriate information to guide design intent.

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            Jared Conway

            static or nonlinear?

            did you confirm the problem solves as bonded?

            did you simplify the model and analysis as much as possible before starting?

            are you using the direct sparse solver?


            if you answer no to any of the last 3 questions you may want to stop and make sure you're in "good shape" before moving forward to your full problem.


            if they are all answered "yes", then you may just need to wait.

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              Thomas Troester

              I am updating my original post with results of 2 more attempted runs. Thanks for all your help as I am new to this forn and SW.


              It is a SW assembly with 90 SW parts  with 614,601 DOF, 201,794 nodes, 746,671. It also has 16 external loads. Since last post the contact constraints got to 100% and then the lower bar went through a iteration and then started  another cycle of contact constraints with the top solving bar still at 100%. Do you still recommend a cancel.

              Finally it stoped solving. Also for the run I had selected draft in the meshing and constained or damped? in the run show any flying away components. I had 7 pulleys I thought were constrained with a bolt and nut connection. These pulleys showed high displacement so  I relpaced them with pin connecters for next run. Don't bolt connectors constrain?  The results after a 24 hr plus run was an approvement but still high displacement in the pulleys and some rollers also constrained by pins. I am now on a run, 16 hr into,  where I made contact constraints from hub of both side of pulleys and rollers to there coresponding pined constrained surface.