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Rotation of components during animation

Question asked by Gerald Davis on Feb 7, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2014 by Jared Conway

The attached zip has the SW14 model with 2 configurations and 2 explodes and 2 motion studies.


The "plunger 2009.avi" is a traditional assembly instruction video - hidden parts appear and move into position.  I made a small effort to spin the screws into the nuts but that detail is lost in the render.


"plunger 2014.avi" is a practice session at starting with a kit of parts on a table and watching them fly into position.  I couldn't attach a good looking render of this animation - file size too big - sorry about that.  The new rotate in the assembly step is progress in functionality, IMHO.


To make these videos I created the explode steps first.  I tried to create the steps in the proper order for realistic explode collapse and verified my progress by animating the explode/collapse (without using motion study, to be clear).


I was able to change the direction of rotation by using a "-" in front of the angle of rotation (e.g. -1800 to turn 5 rev's ccws).  The animation preview seemed right.


When I attempted to use motion study wizard to create a motion study of the explode, I didn't get the same rotation as with the animation preview.  I didn't find a way inside of motion study to change the direction of rotation of the component's explode path.


I also have one nut that jumps into position without spinning durning playback.  It seems okay when I step thru with the time line.


What tricks am I missing for spinning my bolts?  In the old days (really old days) - Animator made this easy. Sadly, that functionality disappeard circa 2000. Prior to SW14, I would put a motor on a bolt to spin it while changing a distance mate.