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    cant get constraint to work in this sketch

    Joe Black



      i am following the tutorial ok but when it gets to the patch boundary over the spline or point constraint is does not perform as the tutorial does ,any ideas why ?

      the patch boundary wont wrap itself round the constraint.

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          J. Mather

          Do you understand how to attach a *.sldprt file here?


          Let me ask you a question.
          What is the purpose of using SolidWorks?

          My understanding is that the purpose is to convey design information in a way that can be understood by others.

          If words would do the job, we wouldn't need a complex program like SolidWorks, something simple like MS Word would be enough.

          Pictures might help.  MS Snipping tool to do screen captures showing what you see on your screen.

          But if a picture is worth a thousand words, an actual 3D file might be worth a thousand pictures.

          While learning SolidWorks is complex task, attaching a couple of screen shots and/or a *.sldprt file is not all that difficult.

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            J. Mather

            Can you specify time stamps for reference?


            Time Stamps.PNG

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              Jerry Steiger



              I usually don't have time to open up a model that someone posts, so I certainly don't have time to watch a tutorial. As J. Mather says, if you could post a model or screen shots explaining your difficulty, it would be much easier for us to help. You can click in the upper right corner of your reply to "Use advanced editor". That will allow you attach a file. You can insert images as files, or just use the "camera" icon above.


              Jerry S.