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    disappearing Virtual parts?

    Rick Donnellon

      OK, the way I understand it, virtual parts are saved in the Windows "Temp" folder until the assembly is saved and then the virtual parts are saved in the assembly file. I am having problems with virtual parts disappearing so I did some investigating.


      I created a virtual part in an assembly while monitoring the Windows "Temp" folder. In the image below you can see the virtual in the SW assembly and in the Windows "Temp" folder.

      2-7-2014 10-18-21 AM.jpg

      I saved the assembly and refreshed the Windows Explorer window... The virtual part is still in the "Temp" folder?

      I closed the assembly and the virtual part disapears from the Windows "Temp" folder.

      I reopen the assembly and I get the following

      2-7-2014 10-37-16 AM.jpg


      My Windows "Temp" folder is located on a RAM drive but I don't think this matters unless I turn off my system.


      So what am I missing here?

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          Rick Donnellon

          Looking into this more I moved my Windows "temp" folder to my "C" drive.

          Now when I close the assembly the virtual part disapears from the "Temp" folder but when I reopen the assembly, the virtual part reapears in the "Temp" folder and the assembly opens with no errors.... So It was the "Temp" file on a RAM drive that was causing the problem.

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              Graeme Edwards

              Well I just have had the same problem, but it's with an older assembly, and now several virtual assemblies within are AWOL.

              I looked through the forums, and see this problem dates back to 2007, and has had several SPRs raised for it,some of which are marked as resolved, which it patently is not.

              I don't use a RAM drive, so that's not the issue.

              Not sure how to proceed here, I guess I'll have to hope my backup included my temp files.