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disappearing Virtual parts?

Question asked by Rick Donnellon on Feb 7, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2015 by Graeme Edwards

OK, the way I understand it, virtual parts are saved in the Windows "Temp" folder until the assembly is saved and then the virtual parts are saved in the assembly file. I am having problems with virtual parts disappearing so I did some investigating.


I created a virtual part in an assembly while monitoring the Windows "Temp" folder. In the image below you can see the virtual in the SW assembly and in the Windows "Temp" folder.

2-7-2014 10-18-21 AM.jpg

I saved the assembly and refreshed the Windows Explorer window... The virtual part is still in the "Temp" folder?

I closed the assembly and the virtual part disapears from the Windows "Temp" folder.

I reopen the assembly and I get the following

2-7-2014 10-37-16 AM.jpg


My Windows "Temp" folder is located on a RAM drive but I don't think this matters unless I turn off my system.


So what am I missing here?