Dominic Baker

Cosmos Edrawings plots have different results

Discussion created by Dominic Baker on Jan 18, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2007 by SolidWorks Corp
Hi there,
I am saving edrawings of result plots from a bolted structure in Cosmos. However when I save the plots as edrawings and view them the results are different, with the min and max values for Factor of Safety quite a lot different. It seems that edrawings cannot deal with bolted connections so just assumes bonded surfaces.

I was under the impression that the edrawings were just a pictorial plot of what is on the original model, but it seems to resolve the model with bonded surfaces, rather than copying it.

I want to send the drawings to a customer but the results are different to whats on my cosmos screen, because the assembly no longer fails around the bolts when viewed in edrawings.

Any ideas?

many thanks