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Temperature and Pressure Question

Question asked by Craig Jameson on Feb 7, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2014 by Craig Jameson

I am currently trying to model a Damper Blade inside of a section of duct work.  The gas inside of the duct work is operating at 1 PSIG and 1300 degrees F.  In this model i fixed one end of the shaft completely, and allowed the other end to grow out ward, while fixing it in the other directions ( i figured this would allow for the thermal expansion in the shaft but still allow me to get results for the damper blade).  As you can see the displacements are as expected, but the stresses are off the charts.  I can remove the temperature from the model and everything works fine.  So, at this point I am thinking I am doing something wrong with the temperature.  This is a steady state problem so i wouldn't think i would need to do a transient thermal analysis.  Any advice would be great.