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Ways to speed up Solidworks.

Question asked by Justin Harwell on Feb 6, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2014 by Justin Harwell

I have solidworks 2014, a computer built to specs and solidworks is so slow. The loading time for a drawings, part, or assembly is anywhere between half a minute and 3 minutes, if I change or go to add anything it frezzes and sometimes crashes.  I have tried basic things to help, using the frezze bar, lightweight part, simplified version of parts, and using the  large assembly mode. I have made sure to update the driver and other software, I even uninstalled solidworks and reinstalled knowing that sometimes programs just do not install correctly the first time.  It is now starting to cause some tension since we just got this set up, and were having this level of issues. So I thought I might ask if anyone has ideas on how to speed up Solidworks.