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    Help with surface

    Brent Trotter

      Hi all,


      I am in need of help with this surface.


      I need to fill in the sketched area in the png attached.


      whenever i use boundary surface it creates a surface that looks all weird.


      I was hoping some expert out there may be able to help me.

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          John Burrill

          Brent, boundary is designed to work with two sets of curves that make up a quilt with a 4-sided boundary.  It doesn't work well with triangular patches where adjacent curves start out at acute angles to eachother.

          For those situations use a fill surface with constraint curves.

          This picture shows your boundary edges being input as the fill boundary.


          Note that using the edge of a face as a boundary element instead of a sketch allows you to apply tangency control based on the face geometry

          I then used the line going across the middle as a constraint curve.

          You can see by the mesh pattern in the above image that the fill surface is actually pretty fair.

          This next picture shows the completed suface and it looks like the transition is pretty smooth.


          I tried merging the fill surface with the anular surface, but the 3Dsketch arc that defined the boundary doesn't actually come in contact with the anular face so it wouldn't trim. You'll need to get your boundaries trimmed and matched before adding the fill surface in order for you to be able to make solid of the piece.

          I'd upload the model I show hear, but I'm working in 2013, so you wouldn't be able to open it.

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            Ranjiet Menon

            Hello Brent and John,

            I tried the boundary surface operation and got a result very close to what is mentioned here. When I started the boundary surface operation, I used the selection manager option and selected the top three arcs as "open group 1" and the the lower arc as "open group 2". Hope this helps too.




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                Jerry Steiger



                Run the Check tool on your part and make sure that it is actually as good as it looks. You might also check the Curvature, particularly near the two corners. You could also check to to see how well the surfaces will Thicken. As John mentioned, Boundary Surfaces are liable to run into problems where the two curves meet.


                Jerry S.