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    Weldment cutlist to individual 2D drawings macro

    Adam Stringer

      Dear API members - I often use the weldment function on SW to create automotive chassis assemblies. Great for getting the correct end condition of tubes and adding bead fillets etc.


      The weldment cut list table in 2D drawing mode is great but it’s difficult to communicate the angle of the cuts to a machine shop purely with a table, especially with L and U channel sections as they created handed parts –  a simple 2D drawing of each tube helps communicate the design.


      I am spending a lot of time creating these individual drawing of each tube –  A typical assembly may contain 100+ parts.


      I can create an assembly drawing with stacked balloons pointing and numbering each tube – It’s the creation of the individual drawings that’s the headache. I’ve looked through a number of posts and I have found a few similar enquiries but not specifically for weldment use.


      I’ve had a go at using Macro’s (for the first time) - I managed to get one drawing to auto create but my macro didn’t auto index properly through the other parts. I came to the conclusion macros are slightly beyond me at the moment!


      On these drawings I only need to add around four dimensions and show the part number (part name is fine).


      Initially I thought there would be a function for this – Am I correct in thinking a macro is the best solution? Would one already be in circulation for this particular application?



      I’m on SW 2014 Pro.


      Thanks for any advice

      Adam Stringer