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    pattern doesn't show cut holes features

    A. R

      Hello Everyone


      I appreciate your help .


      I asked in the previous discussion a question regarding cuting holes in the assembly. I did choose not to propogate in parts , because I am using this part in different assembly.

      The question is when I do for example circular pattern for the part which it has holes in it , the result doesn't show these holes.





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          Glenn Schroeder

          If you didn't choose to propagate the assembly feature to the part, then you can't circular pattern a feature in a part that isn't there.  You might be able to propagate the feature to the part, circular pattern it, then create a new configuration of the part that's specifically for this assembly and suppress the hole in the other configuration(s).  I've never tried to circular pattern a hole that was an assembly feature so I don't know if it will work.  If it doesn't then you'll need to create the hole in the part file.