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    Mass properties from parts in different units and several configurations

    Joshua Temple

      Well, this has been a doozie of an issue.



      I have several very large assemblies with lots of small hardware parts.  Each of these small parts has numerous configurations (10+ in some cases).  I have two issues when I run my current macro on these assemblies.



      1. The mass propertis of the parts are done in English units (moronic) while the entire assembly is in metric.  When the assembly is open, it converts correctly.  However, when the macro runs, I have no idea what conversion it is doing.  If a part weighs .015 pounds in the part file and I run the macro on the assembly it's in, the macro outputs .000153477 kg. 
          • However, if I open the part file in SW while I run the macro on the assembly, it gets the correct weight (converted correctly)


        2.   Even when the part is open along with the assembly, it can only be open in one configuration type at a time.  So if the same part is used 20 times in an assembly, but with multiple configurations (with different mass), the macro will only output ONE mass value.  If I change which configuration of each part is open, then the mass output from the macro will change accordingly, but it does the same mass for all configurations. 


      I hope I have described this error with enough detail.  If anyone needs me to clarify something, please let me know.