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Job:  Transition from AutoCAD to SolidWorks

Question asked by Anthony Bear on Feb 6, 2014

Hello, all... I was again contacted for another position... Quite happy where I am, I will pass this along to all of you!  Hopefully, my posts are helping some of you find work!


Looking forward to our next meeting!!


A. Bear


Job Details:


Joseph Smith at ThorWorks Industries posted:


We are looking for some help with a transition from AutoCAD to SolidWorks. I have quickly browsed your resume and you seem to be qualified, however I would like to speak to you on the phone if you are interested. Please give me a call at (419) 656 4375 ext 107, again my name is Joe. Below gives more information.

This job opportunity is good for welcoming new faces to the mechanical engineering work force and is a temporary position, however it can also be a contracted position. There are numerous ways hours can be assigned and the length of employment can vary, this will be elaborated on more upon employment.

Employee must have the ability to do the following tasks fluently (substantial time will be given to relearn/learn how to do some of these tasks if necessary):

-ability to use and work in SolidWorks fluently.

-make changes to the file name and description of a part without losing the part in an assembly/having to find the part again.

-Create drawings from parts with useful information and data.

-Be familiar with the process of sending files to a plasma table.

-IMPORT drawings from AutoCAD to SolidWorks quickly and efficiently

-Be able to communicate with suppliers to import models of their products into solidworks.

-Know how to change, toggle, & set configurations for appearance and material types on models.

**-Must be familiar with sheet metal functions (90% of ALL work done, will be done with sheet metal).

other abilities that may be needed:

-ability to create assembly's.

-ability to run FEA (finite element analysis) on certain parts and even on large assemblies (100+ moving parts).

-CSWP or CSWA certifications are not required but are a plus.

Previous experience in file management in SolidWorks will be a plus.

Main goals of this position:

You will be required to continue to integrate our new system with the information and data from the old system. All files and data will be readily available at your fingertips. All 2D drawings need to be brought over from AutoCAD LT to 3D SolidWorks 2014 and all details for each specific part to be integrated in a professional manner. You are a team player and communication between your employee's is a must.

Again, if you are interested, please contact me at (419) 656-4375.