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unable to convert an IFC file to a part file then to sheetmetal

Question asked by Mark Greenwell on Feb 6, 2014



I am having a bit of trouble on something that I thought would be quiet easy.


I have been sent an IFC file created in X - Steel that is a rolled web with the intension of creating a flat part in sheetmetal.


Looking at it in plan it has a radius to it's profile this depth is approx 26mm at the center


The web itself is approx 14700mm long and as the roll depth at the center is only about 26mm this gives me a radius of approx 1033120mm


I have imported into SolidWorks then saved as as Part then imported the SolidWorks Part and tried to 'Convert to Sheetmetal'.


This is where i am having difficulty, I can select a face to fix but when I try and select the bend lines I keep getting the error message 'Bend lines not on same side as fixed face'.


I know that when flattened the difference in length will not be very great but I know that there will be more extreme example to come in a few weeks time so am trying to figure out how to get this type of part into a flat sheet.



I have attached the converted IFC part, can any one create a flat part from this model? If so could you please explain how.




Mark (SolidWorks 2014 sp2)