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    spline to curve

    Thomas May
      I often help a friend convert artwork into dxf format that can beutilized by a simple point to point waterjet controller. I scan tojpeg, trace in Illustrator CS2, then I have to create a secondlayer and typically create a path approximation manually with a setof intersecting 3 point arcs. In the past, I used ConceptsUnlimited for this purpose, but now that I have SW, I figure thatthere may be a conversion routine to convert a spline to a lowerorder set of intersecting curves with variableradius tolerance.

      If there is such a capability, I just need to know where to startlooking in the menus/tools. 



        • spline to curve
          John Burrill
          check your export options for DWG/DXF. I can't inspect it right now, but I thought there was an option to convert splines to polylines.
          As an alternative, try exporting your drawnig to AutoCAD R12 format. That automatically converts splines to spline-fit polylines.