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Laptop For Mechanical Engineering Student

Question asked by James Choi on Feb 5, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2014 by Mike Pogue

Hello My name is James

I am a Mechanical Engineering student and I am getting ready to purchase a new laptop to replace my current dying one. The question I have is what specs should I be looking at to run Solidworks as a student? This laptop will just need to last until graduation in 2 years and I have a prettty low budget of around $600. Two possible candidates I found are on the Lenovo Outlet and sold as scratch and dent models. They seen to have very good specs for the price. Will either of these run Solidworks within reason?


Lenovo Ideapad Z 710

Intel i7-4700qm

Ge-force gt745m graphics

1TB hard drive




Lenovo G500s

Intel i7-3632qm

Ge-force gt720m

1 TB hard drive




Thanks for any advice