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How to link BOM to inserted part?

Question asked by Steven Soeder on Feb 5, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2014 by Steven Soeder

Hi, I would like to parametrically link custom properties in one part to those of another.

What we have is a forging that is being machined into another part.

In the drawing for the machined part, I need to create a BOM that shows the forging part number and description.

The machined part was created by using the Insert>Part method to insert the forging, than applying the features necessary.

I need to create a custom property that is parametrically linked to the inserted parts properties.

I realize this may be out of the scope of SW's capabilities, but if so then can anyone advise on best practice for creating/managing files in this scenario?




The current situation is:

We have 1,000's of these machined part files that have been created using the insert part method. 

There are also higher level assemblies that use the machined part files.

ALL of our parts uase some commonly named custom properties. 

These properteris are used in EPDM as well as being used to populate the title blocks in drawings, BOM in assemblies, etc.



There are two properties I want to link. They are:

Name                    Type          Entry

Description     >     Text     >     Manually typed                    

PartNo           >     Text     >     $PRP:"SW-File Name"        



In my theoretical scenario, the forging part (Insert>Part) has the filename "Part1" and the Description property has been input as "DescriptionOne"

The part we are working with has the file name "Part2" and the Description property has been input as "DescriptionTwo".


I need the custom properties in Part2 to be the following:

Description           = Manually typed                                                                  =  "DescriptionTwo"

PartNo                 = $PRP:"SW-File Name"                                                       =  "Part1"

PrntDescription     = ??? (linked to the custom property "Description" of Part1")    =  "DescriptionOne"

PrntPartNo           = ??? (linked to the custom property "PartNo" of Part1")           =  "Part1"




I've tried a few things, such as specifying the full path, but this did not work =  $PRP:"SW-File Name"@C\TEST 1\Part1 or  $PRP:"SW-File Name@C\TEST 1\Part1" 

I tried checking the box to import the Custom Properties from the inserted part, however I found this does not work for the properties I want (does not import anything), while it did screw up other properties that I DONT want imported.


The goal is to link our ERP software to the EPDM software, so that any changes made in SW will reflect instantly in the ERP software. 

Because of the vast amount of existing files, if we could simply update the file properties to be parametrically linked, this would be ideal.

Going in and updating the properties is something that could easily be automated or would be simple enough to manually do if needed.




Any help at all is appreciated!

Thank you.