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Surface 3D sketch

Question asked by Breet Beraan on Feb 5, 2014
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Dear Engineers and Hobbyists!


For a school project I am working on an impeller. I would like to make a 3D object to show the teachers, but I got stuck after the sketching phase. I tried to use "fill surface" or "loft"functions but I get a lot of errors (non-specified directions, non-continious entities...). Naamloos.jpg


The image shows the sketch so far. In the middle there is the cone-like base of the impeller and one vane has been drawn. I wish to use the pattern function to add the extra vanes after I have surfaced/filled this.


What did I do wrong? Shouldn't all the sketch lines be 1 sketch? Should I use other functions?


Might be very easy to solve, but I only did 2D sketches so far.