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XML Files won't import

Question asked by John Tonks on Feb 5, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by Tim Webb

Hi all


I have a large number of CAL files to manage in ePDM for which  the data is contained in an Access database.


My thought was to use Access and a bit of VBA code to create xml files and to import the data via the XML Import facility of ePDM.


My trouble is I can't get the system to read the XML file.


I have set the Import Rule to look in a folder on my C drive and a folder in the Vault but that seems to make no difference.


I have structured a test XML file (see attachment and image below) as per the example in the admin guide and just replaced their variables with mine.


Can any one see anything obviously wrong with this code?

Can anyone give me some hints on how to trouble shoot this.  Is there a way to verify that the database server can see folder where the xml file is and that it is trying to read the file?


The variable that I am using to match the file is "File Name" and I have a test file with this variable on a datacard.  The variables that I am trying to update are "Code No" and "Description Line 1".

xml capture.JPG

I did contact our local reseller for some help however they said it was a custom programming issue and wanted $2k per day to solve it.  If I can get the system to read the import file than this cost will be avoided.



Thanks in anticipation



Ballarat, Australia