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eDrawings File Preview Not Working

Question asked by jeremy brock on Feb 5, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2016 by Shawn Murphy


I have 2 computers in my business that need to view prints I create, I have eDrawings 2014 installed on them. The complaint I am getting from the operators is that they cannot see a preview of what they want to open. Clicking on the file says "no preview available" in the preview pane.


I couldnt find a fix for this, so my option to work around it is to install solidworks on their pc's. They dont use it, they dont know how to use it, it doesnt work because its not registered, but it is for some reason allowing them to preview the files before opening. Not sure why, but it is working. Is there a way to enable previews without having to have solidworks on the machines?


Both machines are just basics, running windows 7 64bit.