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    eDrawings File Preview Not Working

    jeremy brock


      I have 2 computers in my business that need to view prints I create, I have eDrawings 2014 installed on them. The complaint I am getting from the operators is that they cannot see a preview of what they want to open. Clicking on the file says "no preview available" in the preview pane.


      I couldnt find a fix for this, so my option to work around it is to install solidworks on their pc's. They dont use it, they dont know how to use it, it doesnt work because its not registered, but it is for some reason allowing them to preview the files before opening. Not sure why, but it is working. Is there a way to enable previews without having to have solidworks on the machines?


      Both machines are just basics, running windows 7 64bit.




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          Khris Jay

          I have a similar issue.  Edrawings will not allow preview in Windows explorer.

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            Chris Messerschmidt

            I too have this problem.  I am thinking it may work if these files were saved as edrawing files instead of solidworks files?  I am in the exact same situation where the guys in the shop need access to prints.  They have a very hard time locating the drawing and a simple preview would really help. 


            Hopefully this gets fixed,  However, thanks for the tip. I will have IT install Solidworks on that machine.

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              Alessandro Tornincasa

              I think this issue is the same as this one eDrawings preview in windows explorer .

              Problem affects non CAD stations mainly, and it makes people from the workshop hate using edrawings and rather use something else like PDF files.

              Imagine you have hundreds of drawings in the archive with progressive codes as names, and you don't have the clue of what they mean, but you will exactly know what drawing you want to open by just looking at the preview.

              People in 2014 used to uninstall edrawings and rather use SOLIDWORKS Viewer. Now SOLIDWORKS has been retired in 2015 and you can use only edrawings 2015.

              There's a critical SPR for this issue 587771. I have forwared to DS one year ago, but it hasn't been solved yet.

              But here's a workaround:

              1) Go to a SOLIDWORKS CAD station and copy this dll file: C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks\sldthumbnailprovider.dll

              2) Go to the non CAD user machine and paste that dll to this folder: C:\Program files\Common Files\edrawings 2015

              3) Register dll: regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks\sldthumbnailprovider.dll"


              NOTE: you'll probably need to have admin rights on the machine in order to succesfully register the dll.


              In Windows 8 I've seen that this is not sufficient. You need to add these extra steps:

              4) Go to a SOLIDWORKS CAD station and copy these dll's from the windows/system 32 folder:




              5) Go to the non CAD station and paste them in the windows/system 32 folder

              6) Register dll again

              7) Reboot


              I hope that Dassault Systèmes will solve this issue asap.