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"Make drawing from part" and "create new part" grabbing default templates

Question asked by Daniel Cook on Feb 5, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by Mark Kaiser

I have custom templates set up for my part, assembly and drawing files.


When I go File>new (drawing, part, assembly), this works fine and grabs the template with my drafting standard, units, title blocks, etc..


However, when I use the "create drawing from part" option when I have a part open, the drawing loaded has my title block, but defaults to different units and uses a different drafting standard.


The same thing happens when you insert a part in context. My part template is set up for IPS units, and when you go File>new part, it does indeed open this template properly. When you "insert new part" into assembly, it creates a part with MMGS units.


Is there a setting that I'm missing that forces SW to grab templates from the same location regardless of how the part/drawing creation is initiated?