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Cant Save Part Section View as DXF

Question asked by Will Letuno on Feb 4, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2014 by Will Letuno

I'm using Solidworks 2014 SP2. In previous versions of Solidworks (2010 and earlier, not sure about 2012) you could create a section view of a model in the parts window by using the "Section View" button and then save this view as a dxf. file by going to File>Save As> and selecting the dxf file format. The DXF/DWG output manager would open, you would select "Faces/Loops/Edges" and then you could output the section view by simply clicking on the section view plane cap. Bam, done deal!! I've done this hundreds of times in earlier versions but can't get it to work in 2014. All I get is a DXF of the outside of the part as though it was not sectioned. Can anyone help me out here?


You could also save the section view(s) and then just select them from the "Views to Export" list in the DXF/DWG output manager.


I've seen this discussion Export a section view of 3D part as a DXF and I also know that it can be done from within a drawing but neither of these methods were necessary in the past. Is the previous functionality gone forever?