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Selection Manager and weldments

Question asked by Josh Killalea on Feb 4, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by Josh Killalea

we were just having a chat in our office about the selection manager when placing weldment profiles. all 4 of us seem to remember a stage where we could just select an entire "chain" of lines and it would populate that chain with the weldment profile. (for example when doing a pipe run). the only thing we could easily liken it to was when doing a sweep you could right click and go to selection manager and select the squiggly line and then select a "chain" of lines. or when sketching you can select the first line then right click and "select chain" to select a "chain" of lines. we all seem to remember this being possible when placing weldment profiles, but non of us can recall how it was done.


are we right and SW's in it's infinate wisdom has dropped it? or are we having a group hallucination?