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Will Intel HD 4400 Graphics card be acceptable for Solidworks Student Edition

Question asked by Paul T on Feb 4, 2014
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I am taking a SW course at my local college to brush up on my CAD skills.  I am looking at purchasing a new computer for the class and for general/work use.  I am wondering if an HP laptop with an Intel HD 4400 Graphics card would be able to handle the assignments in this beginner course.  Down the line, I would like to take more advanced SW courses, such as sheetmetal, but right now, I am concerned on getting through the beginner class.  The SW website does not list this card as certified, but I have read that some people have had success using a non-certified card.  The hardware is: 4th gen i5 processor, 6gb ram.   Would this setup suffice for basic parts and assemblies?  Thanks for any assistance.