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    Delete/ Hide bodies out of a region

    Georgios Papazetis



      as you can see in the "1st pic" (see attached), there is circle and a couple of bodies which are located inside, outside and on the circle. What I want to do is:

      a) keep the bodies which are inside the circle

      b) trim the parts of the bodies that are located out of the circle and

      c) delete/hide the bodies which are completely outside the circle


      I applied Cut with Surface, using the extruded surface of the circle as cutting tool, and a) and b) are accomplished (see "2nd pic). Now I need some help with c).

      Is there a way to delete or hide the highlighted bodies using Solidworks API? The solidbodies that are going to be located outside the circle will be many more, so an automation of the operation would be ideal.


      Thank you,

      Papazetis G.