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Quick Config/Mate toolbars in wrong spot

Question asked by Josh Suppa on Feb 4, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2014 by Josh Suppa

Hi all, I'm having an odd sort of problem with the new Quick Configuration and Quick Mate toolbars that should show up above/below the context toolbar. I recently realized that they aren't showing up where they are supposed to, for some reason they appear in the middle of my screen (and they stack), and I can't move my mouse over to them without them disappearing. I think they stopped functioning properly after I updated to SP2 recently.


Since then I have tried resetting my bars (and options) to default. I've also tried a complete uninstall (removing registries and folders), and then I reinstalled SP1, where I knew the bars worked properly, but still no dice.


Any help or tips would be appreciated, thank you for your time!