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    assembly draw (Iso)

    Dav Dav

      Hi everyone,

      I'v an assembly drawing of a small fan. My question is if I should give, in addition to the general and important dimensions, Max and min distance of small buttons or the Max of the angle of the head of the fan, which can turn to the side.

      I asked 2 engineers who said that I don't need but I'm still not sure.

      Very important, thanks.




      and another question - should I do some broken out sections in the areas of the buttons (so it will be more understandable). My 2 friends who are alreadt engineering sayed that it's ok to leave it that way and I don't need any max/min dimentions or breaking parts.

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          Jeff Holliday

          There is no clearcut answer. It depends on the intended functionality of the assy. In some cases it may be important but not in others.

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            Jerry Steiger



            As Jeff said, it all depends on who the target audience is for the drawing. If they are interested in how far the fan can turn from side to side, then add the dimension. If they don't care how much travel the buttons have or how far they might stick out, then leave that dimension off. If you put on too many dimensions, people will complain that it is confusing. If you put on too few, they will compain that it doesn't give them what they need. If you get it right, no one will notice and on one will thank you.


            Jerry S.