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Smart Component in a Sub assembly

Question asked by Jason Borden on Feb 4, 2014

Hello everyone! I have a unique question that has been giving me a little trouble.


We make aluminum cabinets here at my work and I have created a dynamic cabinet chassis that I can change just a few dimenisons via global equations and it will adjust the overall height and width of the cabinet, along with its assosiated components, bolt paterns and features. The problem from here is I still have to plug in the drawer assemblies that have been spec'ed out by the customer. For the most part these are not too custom and I can use sub-assemblies I have already made. I have also created a smart component out of the drawer slides, so that where ever I position the drawer, the correct slide cut outs, to hang the slide, are inserted on the chassis side without error. So here is my problem...


If I keep the smart component in the sub-assembly and then insert it into the overall assembly, I do not have an option to "insert smart feature." The way I have to do it now, is insert all my sub-assemblies and then add all the slides seperately into the overall assembly. The problem with this is it takes a ton of time mating several slides into the assembly and I could easily see 30-45 minutes being saved if the slide could just stay in the sub-assembly.