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    Macro to create/Populate drawing sheets from Top-Level Assembly BOM?

    Michael McGovern

      I converted from Inventor to Solidworks a year ago and really miss some of the Macros we had created for making drawings in Inventor.
      The most useful was a macro that did the following:


      1. The designer would create a drawing of a top-level assembly.

      2. The macro was started and it would:

                A. Create a BOM of the assembly in the drawing.

                B. Create as many sheets in the drawing as there were unique parts in the BOM

                C. Rename each of those drawings to the Part Number (in the custom properties) of the part it would contain.

                D. Put a single part table (1-line "BOM") in the corner of the each drawing with the properties of that part (duplicate of the part's line from the orginal BOM).

      3. The designer then just had to go to each drawing and put the views of that part in that were desired.


      All of the information that makes up the drawing package is derived from the original assembly drawing BOM.

      Is this something that already exists?  If not, do all the features above seem possible in Solidworks?  I am an amater VBA programmer and I'm comfortable writing code, but I've never developed a Solidworks Macro before...