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how to determine if a configuration or display state is used in an exising drawing

Question asked by Todd McCollum on Feb 4, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2014 by Todd McCollum

I am using 2012.  I struggled with getting a handle on the use of configurations and display states in this first top down assembly project.  As a result, I have several of each in my current assembly.  I have some drawings made of the parts in this model.  Now that the design is pinned down to a particular configuration, I would like to delete all configurations and display states that are not currently being referenced (used) in my current existing drawings.  This is mainly to "clean-house" on the assembly before spanking out several remaining part drawings.  OK - here is the question - is there a way to do like a properties check or something like it (sorta like a parent-child check) for each configuration and display state (doing this within the assembly file preferably) to see which ones are currently being used-referenced in my existing drawings?  I have tried several things with no luck.  I realized I can go into all the drawings one at a time and make a list of what config and display each view is using but that is a pretty tedious approach.