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    Toolbars running amuck...

    Larry Kutcher
      I cannot put my finger on the exact time this started - (install of'07 SP1.1- or - working on this huge project - Only two majorthings I can think of...) - that began playing with the positionsof the toolbars.

      I open a part / Assembly / drawing -you name it, any of them, andthe toolbars are Almost Always moved around, shifted,skewed...Basically, not where I left them.
      I move the toolbars back where I like them, save, close, open thedocument and toolbars are moved around...again?

      Anyone run into this?
        • Toolbars running amuck...
          Hi Larry
          Do you have try to position your toolbars, exit SW and restart?
          SW save the position of the toolbar when it exit, and if you crashit won't save your position.
            • Toolbars running amuck...
              Larry Kutcher
              No crashing going on.
              Yes, I've positioned the toolbars, exited, started SW and they'vebeen moved again.
              Seems like they keep going back to some type of "default"position IT likes...

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                  Toolbar position can be affected by what document is active. You can have different toolbars open for the different types (part, assembly, drawing). If you have a toolbar in a location in one docuement but when you open a different type you have another toolbar that is in that position, one of the toolbars will have to move. I suspect this may be what you are seeing. I have the same toolbars open all document types. It cuts down on graphic screen space, but I do not get my toolbars moving all around on me.

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                      Eddie Cyganik
                      Not sure why toolbar settings are not being remembered except for those cases already mentioned but,

                      ...the best solution for moving toolbars is the use of the "Command Manager".
                      Also and even though toolbars can/should change based upon the document type you are opening, the Command Manager is always in the same location.
                      I have used and gotten used to the Command Manager and have not had one problem with toolbar movement since I started using it.
                      Just my 2¢
                        • Toolbars running amuck...
                          Larry Kutcher
                          This seems to take place whenever I'm in an assembly where there isanywhere from 600 to 3000 parts. Open assembly, adjust toolbars,close, open, toolbars back in "their" place, notmine...

                          Its always the edrawing and view toolbars that jump down anotch...

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                              Martin Buzzell
                              I'm having a similar problem .  The standard tool bar dropsdown to form a new row.  I have the same tool bars turned onand in the same position in part, ass'y and drawing modes.  Itdoesn't happen every time I open solidworks, but it does happenmost (80%+) of the time.  I am running 2007 sp2.2.  Ifyou find a fix please post it, I will do likewise if I shouldstumble upon a solution.
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                                  Larry Kutcher
                                  Ah! Someone else thats got this going on as well!
                                  It was happening in SP1.1more often.
                                  I just updated to SP2.2 yesterday.
                                  Ran thru a few open / closes and it happened once. So its not"fixed" with 2.2, but so far its happening less...

                                  Yah, shoot me a email if and when you find something out. -No punintended!
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                                      Rich Osterreicher
                                      Mine just started acting up 2 days ago..
                                      Yesterday: Toolbars started appearing in different locations.. Nodifferent files, same ones i've been working on for a fewweeks.
                                      Today: Toolbars stopped moving around. But now command manager isgoofy. Does not remember what items are in it.  One time,"Sketch" may be missing from it.. Next time"Surfaces" might be..  PW will not stay in it at allnow.. Even though it's listed in the dropdowns.
                                      I have NOT changed anything recently..  I Have not openedanyone elses files, etc..
                                      I few weeks ago i Up'd to 2007SP2.2.  Actually, ever since 2.2Nothing has worked right..
                                      What's going on?
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                          Kyle Koehler
                          Did anyone ever find a reason for this. I am having the same problem also. Only with toolbars across the top. What a pain in the butt. Constantly moving around the toolbars.

                          I can only assume 2008 will have the same problem but there will be 100s of new enhancements that I don't need... (oh and of course no dowel hole configuration for hole wizard... no that would be too hard now wouldn't it)
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                              Jeff Holliday

                              I have a Space Traveler and decided to have it's update wizard check for recent updates. There was a newer software version available so I downloaded and installed it. When I started SolidWorks, I was looking at a very different picture from what I had before. There were a lot of extra toolbars turned. Then I realized that my command manager had been turned off somehow. When I turned it back on, the toolbars disappeared and everything was almost normal. Then I noticed a few things were still different. For example, the "views" toolbar had been added to my command manager instead of being displayed all of the time as I am used to.

                              I will not even consider giving up my Space Traveler just to keep that from happening when it needs updating. Just thought I'd throw this into the mix in case this sounds familiar to anyone else.
                            • Toolbars running amuck...
                              Kyle Koehler
                              by the way... i do believe it does have to do with Add-Ins (especially third party ones). I am using 3DConnexion Space Navigator and LogoPress. Both have toolbars that only appear because of add-in. In the case of Logo-Press, it has a toolbar that only appears in assembly and part creation not drawing. It also appears to be selfish on where it wants to appear in the tool bar area.

                              If I position my toolbars in drawing mode so they are all on one row with no gaps. Then the next time I open an assembly and Logopress forces it's menu in the top row... then whatever is in that place is dropped down one row. SW now thinks that I have made that decision and it is the new default position for the "moved" toolbar until I decide to move it back by hand.

                              this is what I am seeing... but sure would like a solution if there is one.
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                                  Eric Allen
                                  I just posted this in another thread here

                                  I just wanted to say I have a similar problem. Every time I open SW the command manager has moved down one line. I move it back up, and then next time I open SW, it is right back where it was. I do not have any add-ins installed. I tried reformating the hard drive, and the problem popped back up after 5 days. I just got done reformatting again, this time I am going to log everything to see what program or setting is causing this. What a waste of my time.
                                    • Toolbars running amuck...
                                      Eric Allen
                                      Lets do a little poll to see if we can figure out what is causing this. If you are having this problem please list any add-ins or extra things you have installed.

                                      1. 3dConnexion add-in
                                      2. SpecCAP benchmark
                                      3. SP4.0
                                      4. FWIW Mastercam9.1v2.0

                                      This time around, 1 and 2 will not be installed
                                        • Toolbars running amuck...
                                          Casey Gorman
                                          The only add-in I'm running is the 3D Connexion.

                                          Something I did try this morning was to remove/turn off the eDrawings tool bar. After I did that I closed the drawing I was working in and re-opened the drawing. My tools bars stayed in place. Then I closed the drawing and shut down SW. Once I re-started SW and then re-opened the drawing again the tools bars had moved. I took it one step further and closed another tool bar on top tool bar line. Went through what I listed above, same results, messed up tool bars.

                                          One thing I found in common so far with what I did above is each time I went to reset my tool bars the way I like them, it turn out to be the farthest right tool bar, that once moved back in place, set my tool bars back where I wanted them.

                                          Update... It isn't always the farthest right, but it does appear to be the topline.

                                          I think if we keep working at this we will find the cause and maybe it will be a quick fix for the programmers.