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Create part from custom library item

Question asked by David Baka on Feb 4, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by Jerry Steiger



the company I work for designs and builds playgrounds and wants to have an all encompassing database of their products in SW. Since building the playgrounds requires many instances of very similar parts (wood logs mostly) I created library parts and put them in the Design Library. This works well, saves time and hard drive when creating assemblies but there is one problem I cannot find the solution for. We create the screw holes as Assembly Features which is fine for the logs but there are some HDPE components that are made by a CNC machine and we need to know the location of the holes. But because the file is a library item, the "propagate feature to part" button is not active.

Ideally what I want to happen is not to modify the original library component but to save a copy of it separately or create a drawing from it (the part, not the assembly) that includes the holes and can be fed into the CNC.


We use Solidworks 2011 SP2.0


cheers, David