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How to create this shape?

Question asked by Vipul Kapoor on Feb 3, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2014 by Chad Hawkenson

Hey Guys. Let me try explaining this as best as I can. Please take a look at the screenshots attached. This is my project, I'll explain what you see in the picture: 1 is a balcony railing, 2 is the upper most cylindrical pipe of this railing. There's a bracket that is attached to the railing below and it has an outward extending cylindrical pipe (3) as well upon which an arm (4) is mounted. This arm is free to rotatate about cylinder (3) but needs to be secured with the railing by means of a metal wire (1mm thick). This metal wire passess through the loophole (5) on arm.


Just imagine this senario, you have to keep the arm in this position by tieing (or is it tying) it to the railing. So the question is how do i model this wire that goes through this loop hole and and then around the railing pipe? I tried many things like curves with reference points, modelling in different parts at a time, but none gave a good result. Any ideas?