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    cannot modify parts without issues


      i used sloidworks for 5 years and never havd this happen to me before, i ran a session Saturday making an sssembly with approx. 30 parts in the assembly, came to work Monday  opened assembly and when i try to modify a parts i get a message that file is in use by another user which i know it is not (i am accessing thru a server) and if i rename part to get around this, my assembly will have to be rebuilt, how or what can i do?

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          Glenn Schroeder

          That happens to me occasionally.  When it asks me if I want to open it anyway, I click yes.  When I try to save, it will usually let me override the existing file with the same name.  I guess by then it thinks the imaginary other user has closed it.


          Occasionally it won't let me over-ride.  When that happens I save as... to a new name, but that doesn't happen very often.