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Tangency flip on chain path

Question asked by Ian Corless on Feb 4, 2014
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I am trying to do a motion study to drive a chain/conveyor belt, around a path, I have tried this using path mates on a path sketch and tangent mates on a surface created from the path.


My problem is when the chain needs to go around the sprocket area which is 180 degree turn around, the mates either over define, or the chain pivots jump to the wrong side of the path, even sometime folding the chain back on itself.


I have been using Solidworks since 1999, and I saw the same problem in the early days where tangancy mate could flick to the opposite tangancy when coming close to a 180 turn. I suppose its jumping to the closest solve, and if it cant reach it, then it over defines.


Has anyone come up with a solution to this over the years, I am of the mind set, it is a geometric problem that cant really have a work around.


I have attached a picture just so you get an idea.

Chain Belt flip 01.JPG




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