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Single chain from dynamically generated lines

Question asked by Ethan Allison on Feb 3, 2014

The sketch in the attached file is composed of two patterns. In order to be able to change the number of instances for each pattern, I've tied the start point for the lower pattern to the height of the first pattern (i.e. instance height * number of instances). The problem is, the points at the end of the first pattern and the start of the second pattern (highlighted in green) share the same coordinates, as intended, but they don't automatically merge. This means that Select Chain will only pick the first pattern or the second pattern, but not the whole sketch. Is there a way to get SW to automatically find and merge these points?


Alternatively, creating a second sketch, selecting the first sketch in the feature tree, then doing convert entities will create the single-chain sketch I want, but if the first sketch is updated I need to go into the second sketch, delete everything, and do convert entities again. Is there a way to tie the second sketch to the first sketch so that it automatically converts all the entities whenever the first sketch updates?