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Cam / Follower Resultant Force Modelling

Question asked by Steve Bean on Feb 1, 2014
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How can I use motion study to calculate resultant forces on a follower in a cam setup?   


I'm trying to design a cam lobe that will open a bay door with a pole.  The pole will move at a constant linear velocity, say 1 inch per second.  I want to verify that the force required to do this doesn't exceed a certain amount, say 5 lbs.  There will be friction between the cam and the pole, and the cam will be held shut with a spring when not acted on.


Once I get working geometry, I want to simulate the forces and moments to make sure the door can actually physically open:

- I add a downward linear motor to the follower as it will be moving at a constant speed (say, 1 inch per second).  The assembly moves as it should, looks nice. 

- I then add friction coefficients in the "contacts" button. 

- The door will be held closed with a spring, so I add a spring force to the top of the box.


Can't figure out what to do next.


Any ideas?