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    Electronics Module

    Mark Keown

      The below from Technical Reference.  Why is not 'Discrete Ordinate' included with the Electronics Module - just asking.


      When deciding which radiation model to use, consider the following


      The Discrete Ordinates model is recommended for most cases with low-temperature variations (for example, for electronics cooling). At the same time in most cases with low-temperatures, it is not necessary to consider spectral dependencies (i.e.

      Number of bands


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          Jared Conway

          I haven't checked 2014 to see if that comment is there but I personally haven't had issues with the Standard radiation and keep do for when I have transparent components.

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              Mark Keown

              For electronics cooling - and you have a hot thing in a box.  In General Settings / Wall Condition / What do you think is a reasonable wall emissitiviy and absorption?  I have good values for the external surfaces not not sure what to do with this global command if it covers internal component to compnent radiation.  Emissitivity would be around 0.8 what is absorption level be?


              With this global command is each internal surface exchanging energy with every other surface that is in view?  Or is it external surface only radiating to the environment?