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    Trim Surfaces with Closed Spline

    Georgios Papazetis

      Hi everyone,

      I need some help to automate surface trimming, using a closed spline as trim tool.


      The main idea is:

      I use Cut with Surface to get a section of my solid body.

      The Intersection Curve of my solid body and the plane, on which I want to apply the trimming proccess is created (first pic). After that, I get the points that form the outline of the body section at this plane, using the RayIntersections method repetitively (every 0,5mm, along the x axis). Then, a surface body  is inserted and copied at the coords, get by GetRayIntersectionPoints (second pic). 

      What I need now, is to use the Intersection Curve as trim tool and trim what's outside the closed spline. As you see in the second picture, the inserted surface body will be copied many times, following the outline of the solid body. Is there a way for SolidWorks to "understand" and cut what's outside the curve, without having to enter manually a set of coords that belong to the  part that needs to be trimmed?


      And what if some of the surface bodies do not intersect with the trim tool?

      Would this task be completed using methods other than TrimSurface?


      Thank you in advance!