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    split line command

    Joe Black

      i dont have any problems with this command but just wonering where i would use it and what for ?

      it splits a plane or cylinder into a section and i can see the cut lines but then what ?

      can i explode the pieces and move em around , can i make sections thu  the cutpieces ?

      what do experienced users do with the split line command ?

      just curious

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          J. Mather

          Before I post some examples, what version of SolidWorks are you using currently?


          Try creating a billiard ball and post your attempt here.

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            Mark Biasotti

            Hi Joe,


            I would imagine that the SW help explains it adequately. Split line is very useful in machine and consumer modeling when one needs to introduce new topology (for instance -geometrical edge) into the model. For instance. You extrude a block of material but it will become a injection molded part to be molded with a non-planar (curved) parting line. Before the part line draft is attempted, the use will create a Split Line using a sketch which is then projected on the 4 side faces of the block. At that point the part line draft feature has the lines ( new topological edges in the block) to create the part line draft drafted away from each side of the edge in the block.





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                Joe Black

                the examples on youtub seem to conflict in what theyre saying ie mixed with split ,where a wing is cut into 2 parts and saved and others differ.

                i can make a disk cut it into sections with split lines and color the sections with different colors .

                but thats different than using split which carves up a solid part and then ditches the cut away section.


                theres a split

                and a split ine in curves and a split line in features

                3 options of split


                i will put this on the back burner and return at a later time