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    Extracting File Information To Excel

    Lucas Gingery

      Can anyone help me here?  I am trying to use the macro from http://vbaexpress.com/kb/getarticle.php?kb_id=405 to pull a list of part numbers and their current revision level and send them to excel.  The parts are stored in a hierarchy of folders, which this macro will look through.  Where I am struggling is getting it to pull the revision level from the file.  I think it has to be possible, because when I place my cursor over the icon in windows explorer it will show me the revision level in the preview box. Is there a certain name a solidworks file stores the rev level as that I can call it with in the macro?  I am a mechanical engineer, so software isn't my specialty, but this seems like it should be possible (and not as difficult as it is proving to be for me).