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    Can i make these steps automatic (includes pack and go, design table)

    Ama Rok

      Hello everyone, my first post here. I am using Solidworks for several years but i never worked with Api or macros.


      I want to do these steps in one click, if it's possible. I have been doing these steps regularly, there is no exception that goes out of these steps.




      A = main assembly

      B = sub assembly in A


      1.Open A

      2.Open B

      3.Change values in desing table in B

      4.If necessary change some mate values

      5.If necessary change plane height

      6.Change sketch and extrude values in a part in B

      7.Open another part in B, change some values in design table of that part

      8.Open A, change sketch values of multiple parts

      9. Pack and go to specific folder


      I do these for like 10-15 assemblies, so it is a little exhausting. Can you help me? I would be grateful.