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    "merging" of solid body mesh surface

    Alex F

      Hey there,

      I actually had no real idea how to name this kind of topic. I am working with ANSYS Fluent to determine the steady deformation of hydrofoils with 1 way FSI. Anyway, I also want to check the flow properties afterwards which is why I want to export my deformed geometry and reimport it to let it run again and see the changes.

      I got to export my deformed geometry as IGES Solid from ANSYS which is cool so far. Then I can import it to SW, clean it up a little and reimport it.

      The big problem is that SW merges all data to a solid body which is fine. However, it does not sew the surface mesh elements together so that the parasolid or IGES still contains those small elements (picture).

      Is there a way that SW "merges" those element surfaces in a Parasolid so that ANSYS doesn't bother me with 10k undetermined surfaces and calculates stuff faster?

      fin mesh.JPG



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          Jerry Steiger



          It looks like Fluent exported the geometry of the mesh. Try putting a sketch on one of the triangular faces. If you can, then you have the equivalent of an STL body, with thousands of flat faced triangles instead of a nice smooth surface. If you want a nice smooth body, you will have to build it yourself, trying to match the shape as best as you can.


          Jerry S.


          PS. Isn't there any way to do the whole round trip inside of ANSYS?

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              Alex F

              Hi Jerry,

              Thank you for your answer! I have actually converted the STL mesh to an IGES solid body but, just as you said, it hase thousands of surfaces which causes ansys to crash when I try to do anything with it. The only way inside ANSYS would be a 2 way FSI taking about 1 week of computation time on my computer. Not the best expectation!


              I am currently figuring out how to solve this with mesh based programs like TGrid, ICEM or Gambit. However, I have not found a solution so far.