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"merging" of solid body mesh surface

Question asked by Alex F on Feb 1, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2014 by Alex F

Hey there,

I actually had no real idea how to name this kind of topic. I am working with ANSYS Fluent to determine the steady deformation of hydrofoils with 1 way FSI. Anyway, I also want to check the flow properties afterwards which is why I want to export my deformed geometry and reimport it to let it run again and see the changes.

I got to export my deformed geometry as IGES Solid from ANSYS which is cool so far. Then I can import it to SW, clean it up a little and reimport it.

The big problem is that SW merges all data to a solid body which is fine. However, it does not sew the surface mesh elements together so that the parasolid or IGES still contains those small elements (picture).

Is there a way that SW "merges" those element surfaces in a Parasolid so that ANSYS doesn't bother me with 10k undetermined surfaces and calculates stuff faster?

fin mesh.JPG